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What is the Hampton University QuarkNet-COSM Center?

The Hampton University QuarkNet/COSM Center is a collaboration of Virginia high school physics educators and Hampton University particle physicists to:
  • Form a community for particle physics research and education
  • Provide particle physics student investigations
  • Promote education community understanding of the Large Hadron Collider and ATLAS detector
  • Improve physics education at all levels
  • Seek and provide opportunities for professional development
The ATLAS detector

What are the benefits to Virginia physics teachers?

  • Activities to help students succeed in mathematics and science
  • Possible recertification points
  • Opportunities to engage colleagues across the Commonwealth, the nation, and the world
  • Professional development
  • A chance to find new ways to improve practical physics education
  • Connections to cutting-edge physics
  • Stipends and materials provided

What next?

2007-2008 Schedule:

The schedule pf upcoming events can be found on the QuarkNet/COSM wiki page.

The general pattern of the QuarkNet/COSM schedule is to have a 2-3 day workshop in the summer at Hampton University with 2-4 meetings during the school year at various appropriate locatins in Virginia.


Kenneth McFarlane, COSM Director
E-Mail; Tel 757-728-6497

Vassilis Vassilikopoulos, COSM Physicist
E-mail; Tel 757-727-5926

Taeksu Shin, COSM Physicist
E-mail; Tel 757-727-5971

Kenneth Cecire, COSM Educational Specialist
E-mail; Tel 757-728-6533

Please address inquiries to:
Kenneth Cecire
Graduate Physics Research Center
Hampton University
Hampton VA 23668

fax: 757-728-6946

Supported by the National Science Foundation and the US Department of Energy Office of Science.
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