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TRT installation milestone

The ATLAS Barrel TRT passed another milestone in the last week of November 2005: it was successfully moved from the frame in which it was assembled, to the center Inner Detector 'trolley.'

The image shows the move taking place. It was a very delicate process, and many points of the framework and the Barrel TRT supports were monitored with load cells to make sure that the stresses were evenly distributed. Any damage due to uneven loading could have destroyed ten years of construction work at Hampton University and other institutes. The Barrel TRT will be in this frame while the Barrel SCT is installed inside it and both are tested.

Following cosmic ray tests, the whole assembly will be lowered into the ATLAS cavern and the TRT and SCT will be transferred to their final positions inside ATLAS.

The ATLAS Barrel TRT being moved to the Inner Detector transfer trolley

In the picture, the copper-colored cylinder is the barrel TRT, the aluminum frame is the assembly frame, and the orange frame is the ID trolley.


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