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COSM, Zambia, and Rhodes Scholars

Maria Cecire filming in Zambia

How likely is that a young woman from Newport News would have a connection with a young man in Zambia? How likely was it that they would both become Rhodes Scholars?

The connection occurs through COSM's outreach program to Zambia. In 2004, Maria Cecire (Ken Cecire's daughter and a student at the University of Chicago) went to Zambia with the COSM team to film (see picture) how the Zambian teachers coped with a paucity of resources and the impact of AIDs.

Peter Muhoro, a Hampton student, also went with the team, to work with the University of Zambia on extending the MARIACHI project to Africa. The person he's been working with is Yambazi Banda.

Both Maria Cecire and Yambazi Banda have been selected as Rhodes Scholars-Elect for 2006! Next year they will join about 90 new Scholars from 13 countries at Oxford University. Ms. Cecire expects to study medieval English literature, while Mr. Banda will study string theory.

While we at COSM would like to take some credit for this, we know that this is a recognition of the talents of these young people. We can say that we clearly have programs that attract the best!

Maria's selection was front-page news in our local paper.

More information about Rhodes Scholarships, including a bio of Ms. Cecire, can be found at:

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