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QuarkNet students working with the HU QuarkNet Center cosmic ray telescope

Welcome to the homepage for COSM outreach and the Hampton University QuarkNet Center.

Our purposes are to:

  • Support collaboration between particle physicists, physics teachers, and physics students in research and learning
  • Provide particle physics inquiry-based learning resources
  • Promote reform in physics education

We have been a QuarkNet Center since 2001, with teachers who continue to participate and regularly attend meetings, and more who follow our activities. The group built a cosmic ray telescope following the Berkeley design, but with the scintillation counters in separate boxes so that students could explore a variety of arrangements.

We estimate that over 2,000 high-school students have been influenced by this Center.

There have been significant spin-offs. One example is the Zambian outreach effort that involves several of the teachers. See below. Another is a program similar to QN at the elementary level.r See the 'Physics is Elementary' link.

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Links to COSM QuarkNet Center activity pages
The HU Summer 2001 Institute
At the Hampton U QuarkNet Associate Teachers Institute 2001
HU QuarkNet Activities from 2002 to present
Building a candy collider at West Springfield High, VA
A whimsical look at physics, with many links.
The QuarkNet main web site

Outreach to Zambia
Zambian students outside their school

Data-Based Physics Lessons
Fermilab Education Office 'Physics Data' page.

Muon Lifetime

The Problem with Cosmic Rays

Units and Powers of Ten

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